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Verse 1
I've been everywhere trying to get my way
But some said that I cant make it
So I turned back trying to get another way
then i realized
It all comes from me
Gotta stand tall claim my victory
at the end of it
it is what it is

I'm no miss perfect
There's no way I can get it all,
I'm so imperfect and I like it that way
There's nobody who's perfect
So you better get it in your head
that I like the title
'cause I'm miss imperfect
(yeah x 4)

Verse 2
sitting all by myself
i learned from silence
Appreciate what you are
the strength in you is capable
to change the world
'cause it all comes from you
gotta stand tall claim your victory
at the of it
you are who you are

you are not perfect
There's no way you can get it all
You are so imperfect
and you better like it that way
There's nobody who's perfect
So you better get it in your head
That I like the title
'cause we are all so imperfect
(yeah x 4)

The feeling of no self worth
drowning in no water
suffocating yet there's air
I needed someone to save me
I needed someone to listen to me


Miss Imperfect

Submitted by: Sheilah Ann Nimo

I wrote this song after a long period of self hate and looking down on myself.I always felt alone despite all the friends I had,because I always thought they were too good for me.
With time and some counselling,I came to realize that everyone was fighting a battle in them and nobody is perfect.

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