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The way it is.. (Demo)

Submitted by: Jeremiah Eyvindur Gilroy

I have a lot more I plan to incorporate into this song but due to life-circumstances I am entering it now as I fear it will take me longer then the competition's deadline to complete, so here it is; I hope you like it. (:


"The way it is.."

I've never had a place to belong,
and I've never known my rights from my wrongs.

But I've been given this second chance,
and it's a life worth living that's my new romance~


And with this new life there's no one to hold me back, embracing the city lights has never felt so right~

Untapped potential's laid dormant for too long, and it's just sad because it's taken me this long to,


It shouldn't matter, those worries in your head, and I know sometimes that it's harder to pretend,

but trust me darling, if you could sacrifice
the pain you've been hiding well you too could see the~


These silly lies we're forced to believe,
their gonna kill us before we achieve

who we are meant to be, it tears me up inside that some won't bloom at all.

Oh it's a tragedy,

such a sad thing to see.

All those beautiful people,

burdened by their minds.

I wish I could help them see the light, (x2)

wish I could help them see the light. (x2)

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