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There's No Cause For Alarm

Submitted by: Ian Lewis Macaulay

Song I wrote while making breakfast. It's about privatization, corporatization, debt-slavery, job scarcity and oppression. Thanks for listening:

i wake up in the morning to the city’s blare
we're all taking up space like we just don’t care
they put a trademark on my food
copyrighted my thoughts and branded my mood

lady liberty she bought the farm
but there’s no cause for alarm

i’ve got no phone cos the line is cut
waiting on my pay and i’m starving but
i am more than pieces of paper
a mind mirage, a shifting vapor

as the man is twisting your arm
there’s no cause for alarm

move along
there’s nothing to see here
move along
there’s no cause for alarm

as the youth tries to rise
the wool gets pulled back from their eyes
that they’re engaged in a civil war
for their minds and what’s more

if you have something real to say
you've got no right yea they’ll put you away

so we writhe in dumb pulsation
to the jaded placations of our generation
it's times like these you know your real friends
the virtual ones and the passing trends

as this scene loses all its charm
there’s no cause for alarm

and the alarms are ringing out everywhere
we got our heads in the sand like we just don’t care
with missile strikes and military drones
and surveillance systems in our phones

all to keep us safe from harm
but there’s no cause for alarm

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